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Custom Signs
Yes, we can produce custom sign designs specifically for you however due to the processes we use to manufacture our signs, we are restricted to doing minimum sized production runs at our standard sign size of 12.5" x 16".

Our signs are actually printed four images on a larger sheet of Tin to fit and printed on a very large offset ink lithographic press. The minimum run of sheets we can print at a time is 300 sheets (but we prefer 500 sheets if possible). This sheet of metal can contain 1 to up to 4 different images for a print run.

Example of 4up Print Run

Because of the ganging on the images on the sheet and the minimum print run size of 300 sheets, our minimum sized production run for custom signs is 1200 pieces. As mentioned with the ganging, there are a couple options you can take advantage of with your signs.

1 design 1200 pcs.

2 designs 600 each or 900 of one and 300 of the other.

4 designs 300 each

Or any other division of the 300 - 4up printing sheet you can think of.

All of our signs come hemmed and packaged in units of 25 (of the same design) in a case pack. With our .25" hem folded to the back, you can use this opportunity to put any legal notice, phone number, copyright info, website information you would like on the product. This appears on back edge of the completed sign.

The entire process of the custom signs takes anywhere from 6 – 8 weeks so plan ahead.


$850 Setup Charges (this includes converting artwork to digital plate files (RIP) and the production of the printing plates that will be used on press.

$3.50 each for the signs packed 25 to a cardboard case pack.

These prices are FOB our warehouse in Sharon Center, OH so shipping to you will be applied.

Two things... #1 the setup charges are separate because you can obviously print any amount of signs over the 300 minimum press requirement. This helps amortize the set up costs over more signs.

#2 the setup charge can be a one-time charge if you would ever want to reprint the very same setup. For example, we always print our signs 4up (the same image) on sheet so we can rerun these plates forever!

We have the ability to "help out" with the designing of your custom signs but depending on the amount of work, art charges may apply.

Custom Magnets
Custom magnets are a much easier process. Quite simply we can produce the magnets at minimum quantities of 500 pcs per design. Turnaround time is roughly 4 weeks and they will come to you 500 in a box (plastic bagged into 50s). We can print your information on the hems just like the signs and are restricted to our 2.1” x 3.1” layout format or our 3” diameter round shape.

Cost:      $.95 each FOB Sharon Center, OH

               Art or designwork, if necessary, could be additional

Let us know if you have any questions.

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