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Posted by Shane Robinson on Feb 23rd 2021

To our valued customers –

After careful analysis, planning, and consideration, Desperate Enterprises is forced to increase our pricing as specified below, effective March 1, 2021. The necessary price increase is based two-fold on the significant increase in raw materials (steel) and increases in shipping costs. We are striving to minimize the impact on our customers. Desperate Enterprises is fully committed to providing you with top quality AMERICAN made products, but unfortunately, to ensure this, we must make some adjustments.

Historically, Desperate Enterprises has not had a pricing increase in over 29 years, since the business began! In fact, when the price of raw materials dropped several years ago, Desperate passed that reduction on to our customers with reduced pricing. We greatly appreciate your business and understanding. We have a number of great new images and products in the works for 2021 and cannot wait to share them with you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Wishing your business success and your family health in 2021.

New Pricing Effective March 1, 2021

Price Breaks Old Price New Price Case Breaks Old Price New Price
1-14 signs $11.35 $12.25 1-3 Cases $4.70 $5.00
15-29 signs $6.00 $6.40 4-9 Cases $4.20 $4.45
30-59 signs $5.35 $5.65 10-15 Cases $3.95 $4.15
60-99 signs $4.90 $5.15 16 & More $3.75 $3.85
100-249 signs $4.40 $4.65
250 and more $3.95 $4.15